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Writer's Block: It's Too Late to Apologize

May. 7th, 2008 | 03:22 pm
mood: amused amused

Has anyone ever done something so horrible to you that "I'm sorry" couldn't fix it?

(damn, i sounded like Drake.. )

There's this girl, lets... call her... tooton faa tashslut (Two ton fat ass slut).

Tooton (when we were kids, Her 12, me 13), got into a nasty little spiff after she offered to bring up some dinner from her mom's buisness (catering) which was ran in the basement of their house.

While she went down there, i asked her to pick up my baby brother (4 months old)   little windy up swing as he was getting cranky. It was relitivily light, and she didnt have to do it, i just asked her if she would, to save me a trip.

Let me explaine dis bitch to yall niggas.
 (I did it again)

Tooton is like.. 6ft 2in tall. Weighing in nearly 380+ pounds. DAT IS ONE HUGE BITCH!  She's got bright/coppery colored hair and her face, well before she turned into a 3 day old cuntrag, infested with the decay of one nasty fuckin' prostitute with cottage cheese pussy, wasnt so bad. (but she really had to put on a lot of make up)

well anyway. she brought up a plate of fried chicken that was previously cooked the night before. she got to the top of the stairs and threw the babyswing onto the floor screaming. "its sooo heavy, and this plate its soooo hot. (btw, swing... 15 pounds... plate of chicken, ice cold as it was in the fridge and she wasnt gone long enough to nuke that much chicken to piping hot.) she then turns to me with an evil glare and bitches. "I wish your brother was never born."

Blood runs thicker than water, Bitch. 

Tooton then starts telling me how she hates the fact i have to baby sit my little brother and that it interupts our time and that she hates my mom for even having a baby.

again, blood runs thicker than water.

Oh fuck that shit, bitch. Oh hellll no.

I grabbed the baby, the swing, the diaper bag, my shit and a few other misc. items and i trucked that baby shit down stairs and proceeded to explaine to my mother what had just went down, ya dig?

mom, pissed, puts me to work, counting buisquits for the diner party that night.

Her mom, Lets call her  Momma DaUba Faa Tashslut (the uber fat ass slut), came up to me, bitchin'

"oh my daughter would never say those kinds of things... " blah blah blah, yeah okay bitch..  "your a lier."

so i hauld those buisquits across the fucking counter.. "and i screamd "GO TO HELL YOU FUCKING WHORE" and stormed out of there..

locking myself into a piping hot van, middle of summer, btw, yeah.. like nine million degrees. 

I didnt speak to Tooton for ... 2 years after that. we tried to rekindle what we had. but things were never the same.

She's still a fucking cunt, backstabbing douche face... so.... yeah

Her appologies mean nothing to me.

Fucking whore.


--cop out--

<3, KIttenWhiskerz

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Writer's Block: Hell Hath No Fury

May. 2nd, 2008 | 03:26 am
mood: anxious anxious

Who was the last person who really made you mad?
Oh thats easy. My department manager.

He told me in a note none-the-less-. "it had better be done."

x.x wtf. im not a kid.

He was accusing me of something that didnt get done when oh yes. sir yes sir, it did. There was more than one witness.  and such.

Stupid asstwat. he's going to get it later. D: assfucker.

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Writer's Block: My Secret Identity

May. 1st, 2008 | 02:33 pm

Describe your different personas.
Can i do this for Fursona? lol XD

I have already discussed my feminist side i call Gwen. Let me further contribute to this.

Gwendolynn Starlight. Not your average furry long haired cat girl. nope, no sir.

Long ago, in a distant time and place, in a country known as ireland (olde ireland to be exact) just inside the 13th century era... She was born.

Raised to be a wonderful young woman but killed by a mercifulless vampire.

Distroyed by this asshole, she waited and gained power till the day she took revenge.


Basically: shes a cold heartless killer, a demonic vampire who would stop at nothing except for maybe a higher bidder than to kill the people around her.


Preistess:  She entered the world of preistesshood and took the oath of the mother earth. After going through training she became well known on her earth as "Preistess Gwendolynn and had her own music band...

She's not all bad.. ... all the time.. <3

anyway. if i could be her. i would. She's hot. :D

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Writer's Block: Life Changing Experiences

Apr. 30th, 2008 | 07:27 pm

Life changing experences: three of them.. hmm..

1. My mothers death.
2. moving out on my own
3. finding out the my best friend was under my nose the whole time.

Why did i choose these particuar events in my life?



My mother was my everything. She was my guide, guardian, friend, and caretaker. when i found out she had cancer, life took a strange and unusal turn. especially when she became so ill that i had become the head of the household.  working and striving to make ends meet and taking care of once took care of me. I was an adult already, and this shouldnt have been hard for me to make said transistion. It was anything but easy. No. I had it good. A mom that took care of her 20 year old daughter.  suddenty i was mom and mom to my mom as well as my little brother.

I knew mom was dying, even in her last few days, and i couldnt bring myself to come to terms with that. I should have been more aware but denial had set in..

Mom changed me. Her death showed me a new light, a grown up world that was scary, but of course i could make it.  Even though i thought i was alone.. i wasnt. She's always been there. thank the goddess for that '<3 ilu mom.


Moving out on my own gave me new insite too. I can be grown up.! yaaaayyy


three coinsides with two, moving out showed me that my roommate and best friend was there all along. Even though i felt i went though this crazy ass roller coaster ride. I love her. She's been more than a friend but a sister. I thought i had lost her my senior year in highschool but i was wrong. afterwards we grew closer, especially after mom died and i needed a little extra hand.

I love you alymew <3

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Traits that get me in lots o trouble.

Apr. 30th, 2008 | 06:52 pm
mood: amused amused

Wow. Personality trait to get me most in trouble.

I think my loving, caring attitude. i will be the most loving, caring little gal you'd ever meet, sir, yes sir!

I'd cuddle anyone or anything, as love and attention well, i love it.

I've lost friends, boyfriends, girlfriends over my sweet, and loving nature.

I have the need to nurture, to take care of, to nurse and to love so bad, that i take it to an extreme.

i think i need to have a baby. If i had a baby, i could shower it in all my love and affections and something would love me back for once, other than my cats and few selected friends.

my Mew (best friend, companion and partner in crime) said that she would just love to see me settle down with someone and be happy like her and her current.

I agreed. it would be nice, but lets just face it. Although im this, loving, caring creature, i have a dark side.

and well my darkness rules me.

Until i can find a mate who can keep up with said dark side, then im fucked i guess.


ive been told that its easy to fall in love with me. I have heard that a lot. As good as it sounds, its a curse. Half the time, people that love me are people i wish would drop dead.  usually its the people i want to love me that wish i would drop dead. funny how that works.

You cant appreciate what you have because you think you need something better when the truth is, it was there all along. yeah, im dumb. but what the hell ever.

to feel as though im rattling on now, and perhaps i am, but  *sigh* perhaps that one of those other personality traits that get me in lots of trouble too.

I could really name off quite a few, but i think the most troubling is my affectionate nature.

Sometimes my cold, evil self keeps me safe. awwh she does care!
*dark side slaps kitten upside the head.* "Take that, Bitch"

*rubs head* ouchies.. -.-;; she's a real bitch sometimes. <3

the second most troubling would have to be.... my... liberal, nazi, feminist, elitist side. my inner demon. a curse, a blessing rolled in to one. this one is most fun to get in trouble with, makes me really who i am i guess.  She's also a horny little nut job too.

She is my... annoying bitch. All she does is bitchbitchbitch about how every fucking person in this world should die. And half the time, i agree with her. which fuels the fire and please let me tell you, this fire can consume! She rants, raves, throws a hissy fit and still cant get it all out. The girl need a pill. A chill pill.. or an STFU pill. im not sure which. Though funny sometimes and a bit sadistic (especially when she talks about killing babies an eating them) ((also this is where my LNFES side gets along great with the darker side of me)), people seem to love her.  Why? beats me. sometimes i'd rather kill the bitch.  she's still a favorite but not my most favorite.

*gets slapped in the head, yet again*


My favorite side though? My nerdy, artsy side. This is where i get most creative. she usually finds me moping about in my bed at three am and muses me to get up off my ass and draw or write. She is my ... insperation and my joy i guess. She keeps me from killing myself... or someone else..


wanna know something sick? I have names for my personality traits. I write them in stories. No shit.

Autumn- the shy, loving, mothering type. (autumn gets me in lots of trouble)
Rose-  my inner child (abused, sad and alone)
Gwen-  LNFES. no ands ifs or butts. my inner demon.
Nightwind-- my darkside
Alice- the good side of me. shy; straight laced... a role model.
Alex- The druggie in me

we all share one common thing though. We all desire to be loved and accepted for who we are.. as a greater thing, a kittenwhiskerz

yeah i know, im sick as hell. but hey, its fun.. Lol.

-cop out-


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