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I just need to Bitch.

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Jul. 22nd, 2008 | 12:37 am
mood: aggravated aggravated

So with all the stress of the recent drama, finacial issues popped up. Nao, since im faced with the fact i MAY have to move out of my apartment, because my two roomies (Miss imbetterthanyouanddonthavetoworkoranythingforthatmatter and Mister Itakeupformydeadbeatgirlfriendwhoneedsagoddamedjobandafuckinglife) are hatin' on me and my man.  SHE thinks that he's hitting me, beatin' me stupid and all that shit,

Well, im also very upset for the recent fact that i've been so very ill with Divroticulitus, (sp?)  basically, my colen liek, DAED. yes. DAED. You heard me. It DAIED. D:

Because of said colon issues, i took off work so i could get treatment. *four days, no food: four days worth of IVs = SUCK.*

Since i took off work... my paychecks blowed out my ass. *sigh* ive not got enough to cover bills. *sigh* 

The boyfriend and i are doing great which is a plus to everything.  We've had a great time being a couple and he's opened  my eyes to a lot of things i wish i had seen sooner. But on the plus side, He and I are in great shape, and are getting in great shape together. I just wish my immune system was better. *sigh*  Oh well.   I hate the fact that financial issues are exploding on me. I dont know when i'll be able to take care of some shit. i may have to cancel a few things and get on the ball with maor. Oh well.

E-nuff bitchin'

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