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i wish they'd choke on balls.

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Aug. 18th, 2008 | 02:06 am
mood: angry angry

Okay, imma copy and paste this from another website. D:

It was just too much to re-write.. WTF. PEOPLE> SERSLY> D:

I've been good friends with this girl for a long time... I love her. I do. She's been a good friend to me. We moved into an apartment with her boyfriend and me.

I wasnt too close to her boyfriend but i agreed to share an apartment. I really didnt want too, but however i had no where else to go, i was homeless.

So we get this apartment. we agreed not to have any pets, save for the rats that i had. No cats.

Eventually we get three kittens... and I took the money i could have used to pay off my credit card, to buy three kitties from a kill shelter. One older kitty, two kittens. either way, no one really knew about this shelter, and they would have probably died. we rescued them.

regardless.... on with the story--

So i buy these cats, and this girl, was supposed to repay me half of what i paid for the cats. Have i seen the money? no.

So, time goes on, months go on. Im single, going through guys.... then i meet someone who lived 700 miles away from me. for months we chatted online, and talked over the phone... and somehow, fell in deeply in love with each other.

Anyway. He gets into trouble... has to move, and so i begged him to come here to my house... My roomies were cool and rent would be cut down from 200 bucks a person to like 131 bucks a person... it was great!

So this guy gets here, and well.... THINGS are GREAT!!! yay! he's an awesome guy... sure, he's got his flaws, drinks a little too much, curses a lot, and well, smokes a little too much from time to time. But he's a great man. he pays his bills, he works hard, and takes exceptionally great care of me. And since he's been around, i've gained so much confidence, and I've quit taking crap from other people. I dont let people push me around anymore.. and it was thanks to my boyfriend.

well he's been here a little over 4 months now and things between us have never been better.

On with the point...

Well, these three cats of ours can be horrible bad kitties. (Scratching, Biting, clawing, drawing blood, ect) well, i have no qualms about smacking them on the butt right after they did it, not hard, but just hard enough to let them know that i mean business. My Boyfriend does the same thing. not hard, just hard enough to show that we are the alpha cat.

Im not sure if anyone of you has ever wrestled with a cat, but when they get rough... they get really rough! and it hurts! so when you watch 2 cats play fighting, they fight just as rough as they would with you... ( I have scars from rough playing with cats)

well, a girlfriend of mine came over and gave us a bunch of cat toys, and well, she was playing with one of our cats and and threw a toy up on my boyfriend and the cat jumped and scratched him.. so went to get the cat, and smacked him for scratching him...

My boyfriend calmed down and he said that he over reacted.

Well my roomie turned to my guest and said. "do you know what you've done now"

she gathered up all 3 adult cats now, and locked them in her room without access to their litter box, food, or water.

And kept them in there for an hour.

We went out to get food at this point, upon returning we are... not so pleasantly greeted by my other roommate, the others boyfriend... he looks to me and goes. "Did you get my text.." and i was like.. "no sorry didnt have my phone on me"

this little scrawny dude gets up in my much larger boyfriend's personal bubble and was like. 'If you even look at these cats wrong again, you're out this house..."

I said. "you realize that if you make him go, i go too.." and he's like. "whatever."

Our girl roomie is almost 21, refuses to work, refuses to drive and has her mother (who works 2 jobs to support her) pay her bills. and well, she's not even on our lease... which is messed up I feel as though she has no right to have ANY say what so ever goes on in this apartment.

Also, i've never been reemberced for all the grosheries iv'e bought for them two, (my two roomies) and never once have they said thank you.. or anything.

well... I have to beg the girl roomie to help me with chores. help me clean out the litter boxes, help me pay for the food for them and their litter. Its just getting really frusterating...

Im to the point where i do not even want to be friends with her any longer.

Now she's become between me and my boyfriend and are forcing us to move out. And she's not even on this lease.

My bf and I are not even sure where we are going to go. We're distraught and i feel betrayed. I also feel like i have to raise a 20 year old child, when im only 22.

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